This is a project I came up with for my final in Sculpture II. The theme was to create a sight specific sculpture and I decided to build a chair-bookcase for the library of my University in order for students to understand that you can go to the library even when you don't have finals and relax, read a book or just daydream. Because many people got that wrong I need to make clear that I built this chair on my own and that's why the name of this project is dedicated to the number of nails that I screwed with tools (1.285). I think it's important to stress that as a woman it was the first time that I was dealing with "men" tools and I actually did pretty good, even though I was terrified at the beginning. This project became very important to me because of that, and the process of creating this chair kind of taught me that I can do anything if I want to. I hope you enjoy my work and comment for any suggestions or questions.
progress of my work
finished work exhibited in my University's main entrance.
finished work exhibited in my University's main entrance.
my work exhibited near the sculpture studio with me on it during the day of our final presentation.
my work exhibited in the spring exhibition of my university.

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