Regenderation, is a non-profit organisation I created as part of my Capstone Project, for UCLA Extension. It is a non-profit for teenage girls, aging from 11 to 18 years old, exposing them in all the things that are socially considered as masculine, like building, carpentry, coding etc. The idea came from my personal experience of designing and building furniture and the sense of empowerment that those projects gave me. The aim is through these workshops and activities to help raise strong women, who feel supported and capable.
first steps:
development of branding elements:
amongst other small details, the thank you letter is hand written by the girls of the organisation to help the sponsors connect and create a bond between them and the organisation. It also help validate their donation, no matter how big
final website mockups: home page, about page, e-commerce, product and ways to help pages
the idea is that the money to support the organisation mainly come from selling what the girls build, like simple furniture etc. This is why in every product page you can also see the girl that created the specific product and a small statement for the girl to make the experience more personalised. 
annual fundraising event to raise money for the organisation, which includes speakers from various industries, workshops and hackathons, food trucks, booths advertising our biggest sponsors etc.

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