When I was asked to create a chess for a class, last year, I immediately thought "there are six different figures in chess, what else comes in sixes". After extensive research, I read about CHNOPS. These are the six most common elements found in biomolecules, and the name CHNOPS derives from the abbreviation of those chemical elements. CHNOPS refers to Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus and Sulfur. 
Unfortunately, there is no 3D visual representation of those six chemical elements -yet-, so each chess figure is inspired by one of the elements and conceptualised by me.
This is a highly experimental and early stage project, that I enjoyed a lot making. In my mind the next stage is to take these illustrations to Cinema 4D and turn them to 3D Objects and 3D print them to actually create a chess.
all the chess figures in both colours.
rough representation of the chess board with the figures
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