The first project I was assigned in my new company was to design a website for one of their products, that was about to hit the market and they wanted customers to be able to find something online, in case they saw the product on the shelves and wanted to know more. My manager, hesitantly mentioned that he would like the website to be done in a week and said to me that I will be building it on Wix platform.  
Starting to research and after some conversations I had with my managers, regarding the direction we were to take, I realised the this website's use would be to exist as an online catalog of the product. Users would not be able to purchase online, because that was not the goal, and the website was not going to play a part in brand awareness for the product, since it already existed in the shelves of huge grocery stores, such as Albertsons, Walmart etc. This was a challenge in the beginning because it was completely opposite to what I knew, but I decided almost immediately to design a one page website, that would look professional and clean.
The resources were limited, if any. We did not have any product photos yet, only mockups and the deadline went form a week to two days for an initial version, which would later be revised. Wix, is an amazing tool for newbies who just want to have a portfolio out there, or a representation of any kind. However, as a designer and especially one who obsesses over pixel perfect designs, it was kind of limiting. However, I was able to build the website on time and make sure it was user friendly and responsive
In less than a month, and with limitations on the SEO optimisation I could do on Wix, the website climbed from 5th page on Google Search to first result, when using the term Mediwiper. It was hard to beat the Amazon listing, but eventually managed to achieve it. In less than two months the website now has 1.5k unique visitors monthly and a reply rate on customers of less than 24 hours.

I would appreciate any feedback and thank you for making it all the way down here :) 

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