After I was laid off by the company I was an intern for, due to Covid19, I decided to take advantage of the time it would take me to find another job. I was, and still am, hungry to use everything I learned in UCLAx, in real projects with real clients. I also wanted to become better, and build a portfolio that would land me my next job. This is when I came across Taproot, which is a platform connecting non profit organisations with creatives. When I saw Love is Outreach's ad, the client was asking for a logo redesign, however, seeing that she already had build on her own a Wix website, and because web design is something I enjoy deeply, I offered to redesign the website as well. I was lucky enough to get picked by the client and talking to her over the phone helped this project to become a passion project of mine. She was able to pass her passion and her cause over to me and I was willing to help her pro bono as much as I could.

Another suggestion of mine, was to take it a step further and create some merchandise that would drive more money to her organisation and would help it operate smoothly. She got excited, I got excited and the rest is history. I believe I will forever cherish this project. The creative freedom I felt and the amazing collaboration I had with this woman.

My advise to new graduates would be to make some time for projects like that. Although there's no money involved, there are so many things one can gain

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