For this particular project I chose to present a woman who has been beaten up. The general idea was that you can eliminate the bruises and the other scars but not the feeling that is depicted in the woman’s face or not even the fact that she has been through a very rough situation. To begin with I applied some red, grey and purple eye shadow in her lips and eye to create the illusion of bruises and also I applied brown eye shadow on specific parts of her eyes in order for her to look tired and troubled. Secondly, we had a small photo-shoot and I told my friend to think of some of the saddest things so that she would look sad but realistically. Also, I made the colors of the camera more blue, heavy and dark so that I would get this feeling of melancholy. Then I picked the best picture among all and I photoshoped it. I used the dodge tool to make the bruises lighter in color and then I used the Healing Brush Tool in order to blend in the result and make it look realistic. I used a bit of the burn tool in order to create some shadows for an even more realistic result and with the dodge tool again I made the eyes look brighter but I maintained this heaviness in order to get the desired result.  Last thing I did was to change the contrast, brightness and a bit the colors of the picture to bold the feeling and the result that I wanted to get. Finally, I think that when someone looks at the picture might not see the backstage but he/she will get the feeling of melancholy, sadness and heaviness that I want to pass to my audience.
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