Welcome receiver or random visitor! This is a small project in response to the defunding of the USPS by the current American government, but let's go back to the start. When I was 14, my dad gave me an analog camera that belonged to my mother's uncle, who was an amateur photographer. The camera was a Nikon FE that was not even working properly, partly because I didn't even know it needed batteries to operate! Nevermind, fast forward to 2018 when I held again for the first time after a long long time and I did everything I had to to make it work.
San Francisco, Chinatown
Now it was testing time! I started taking photos of random things I saw in LA as well as in my trips around US. I particularly like this photograph shot in Chinatown, San Francisco and I knew the someday I would use it for something. 
I collect postcards, so I thought maybe I should start making my own, featuring my art & photography since I like them so much. So this is the first bunch of 50 postcards. Full of mistakes that will be corrected for the second, and hopefully final, bunch but still so beautiful to me because it is entirely my creation. I experienced this moment in front of that sign, I took the picture, I made the postcard and now I want to share it with 50 lucky people around the globe, supporting in this way USPS that I utterly adore and think it should survive. It is a small contribution but at the same time a big one. Thank you for being a part of this even by just reading this. -Laiki Sofia
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